Do Not Steal the BRC Street Signs

Please, Do Not Steal the BRC Street Signs. Please pass it on…

An official word from the BMORG:
Emergency Services rely on street signs to navigate our city when responding to emergencies and participants count on them to find their way around. All signs must remain in place through the Temple burn on Sunday night. Seriously folks, we need your help combating the rampant theft of street signs early in the event. Recently signs are being stolen right when the gate opens. If you see this happening, say something!

And a love letter from BeeLine:
Hi there! I am the “administrator” for our camp and I have a request. I just spent the last four days volunteering at the Burning Man work Ranch at the sign shop. So much work goes on out there and so much work goes into creating and making the signs. It really is fun and so amazing. We all know the signs get stolen every year. The problem, that I don’t think is thought through in the moment, during the act of, is that these signs are important for Medical Services to use in an emergency. We also know that more of the city is populated by theme camps than not, and theme camps get newsletters. I think getting the word out might be helpful. If theme camps spread the word about the importance of keeping the signs up and why, it might help. Theme camps located on corners could take ownership of their street sign and try to keep it standing at least till the end of the event! The sign shop folk don’t mind that people get to take home such a cool souvenir, but it should be done when you’re going home, at the end of the event! As the admin for our camp, I know I read the placement newsletters and pass on the info to my camp mates, so I hope others do too. This community is a smart and productive one and I don’t think anyone of us would want any of our camp mates to have to wait any longer than necessary if they were in need of serious medical attention. So, my request is that maybe this could be put into a newsletter and see if we can’t change the trend of when the signs get taken!
Thank you for all of your hard work. I know from being on the inside of one the departments and volunteering over the past 15 years how much work goes into making the best city in the world happen!
Christine HawthorneAka BeeLinePlayAground

source: Placement Newsletter Announce #11 2015